This handbook is prepared with the intention to assist the engineer who designs and installs water and sewage pipelines and it contains the most up – to – date information now available. Based on worldwide know how and technical knowledge.

The period of pioneering the use of uPVC pipes for the distribution of water and sewerage is past and uPVC is widely established throughout world because of its many advantages over other materials.

ASPPCO have built a model factory in Riyadh and equipped it with the most modern machinery available using many automated techniques to produce uPVC pipes to exacting standards.

The accumulated knowledge of our Technical Advisors is freely offered to engineers and our Technical Service Department is available at all times to offer guidance and advice on the use of ASPPCO uPVC pipes.

Consultants and Engineers are welcome to visit our office. Factory and laboratory in Riyadh at AL Kharj Road, for fuller discussions and to assure themselves that our production and testing facilities are of the highest order.

We also cater for the Telecommunication and Electrical Engineer with the supply of uPVC Conduits and Ducts for any information please contact our Technical Sales Engineers.